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Mid Brain Optimization

Brain Optimization is the process of optimizing our Mid brain. Mid brain is a part of a brain which controls the function of both Left brain & Right brain.....

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Super memeory method is a quick learning by heart technique using right brian(Visualization).....


Dermatoglyphics (derma-SKIN, glyph-CARVING) is the study of the pattern on fingers. Patterns are unique and heavily linked with one’s genetic composition..


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Mid Brain

The midbrain, also called the mesencephalon, is a small region of the brain that serves as a relay center for visual, auditory, and motor system information.

The midbrain is located above the brain stem of human beings. it is responsible for the perception of stimuli and the subsequent communication with the right and left hemispheres to process this perceptive information. Typically, as part of the lower brain centres, the mid brain is not subject to an individual's conscious awareness.

Dr Makoto Shichida who devoted more than 40 years of research into the functioning of the brain, actually uses the term "Interbrain" rather than Midbrain. We will keep to the use of the term "Midbrain " as this has been popularised by recent developments.

In the human cerebrum, there is a section called the interbrain that lies between the left and right hemispheres. It is crucial to awaken this so-called third brain in order to improve the capabilities of the human brain.The interbrain, located at the centre of the cerebrum, links and consolidates the functions of each part of the brain. It also allows the work of each file of the brain to appear onto consciousness.

The interbrain acts as a sort of control tower of consciousness and is equipped with highly advanced intelligence.If a person develops his interbrain, he will acquire a memory that will allow him to never forget whatever he has seen or heard once.

The interbrain is in charge of controlling the entire human organism including the viscera. The deep human consciousness controls the interbrain. . Once you learn how to access the interbrain, you can become a super human. In order to awaken this part of the brain , it is necessary to stimulate a hormonal discharge by sending a special vibration.

As stated in the previous paragraph, the interbrain has to be awakened by stimulating a hormonal discharge. In the human body, it is the pituitary gland that regulates the hormone secretions and this function has to be awakened. For this, it is necessary to activate the neighbouring pineal body. The pineal body secretes two hormones: melatonin and serotonin.

The secretion of melatonin increases in the dark and decreases when it is bright.

Serotonin is said to be very closely related to the evolution of species and has the capacity to increase the intelligence of the right brain. Since the midbrain is responsible for communication with the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the process of "activating" the midbrain will result in better communication with the left and right hemispheres.

As individuals grow older, the brain has the tendency to automatically assign one hemisphere of the brain to become more dominant in performing certain task(a process known as lateralisation). This means we end up using much less of our brain that we actually could! The process of "activating" the midbrain reverses this trend and allows us to use our brain more efficiently, hence the improvement in cognitive abilities.

Another interesting effect of midbrain activation is that it allows children to sense the visual properties of objects without actually seeing them with their eyes (blindfolded).





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  • Mid Brain Optimisation Workshop
  • 2 Days (Sat & Sun)
  • 3 follow up Sessions within 45 Days
  • 9am - 6pm
  • Includes: workshop in 5 Star Ambience, Snacks & Lunch for students, Kit for all students
  • Memory & Concentration Enhancement
  • 2 Days (Sat & Sun)
  • 3 follow up Sessions within 45 Days
  • 9am - 6pm
  • Includes: workshop in 5 Star Ambience, Snacks & Lunch for students, Kit for all students
  • Dermatoglyphics (derma-SKIN, glyph-CARVING)
  • 1 Hour (Sat & Sun)
  • Know your complete personality
  • Know your learning style, thinking type and other skills.

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